Our Mission

The mission of Hoggetowne Middle School is to empower students by providing intellectual tools, necessary to accomplish success in an intensive academic program. Our academic program integrates all core subject areas with the arts and citizenship. Hoggetowne Middle School is dedicated to preparing all students so that they are proficient in each of these subject areas. The student oriented education promotes life-long learners, equipped to succeed in our ever changing society.

All of Hoggetowne’s students, regardless of ability or learning style, are thoroughly challenged through a creative, rigorous, and rich curriculum. The high expectations of both faculty and students are met with innovative instructional strategies, cooperative learning, up to date researched techniques, hands on opportunities, critical thinking, and the application of multiple intelligence programs.

Hoggetowne Middle School increases the choices of learning opportunities by enriching the standard middle school curriculum with studies in the arts, music, drama, and citizenship. It is the ultimate setting to provide additional academic choices for both the parents and students of our community.

Academic Performance

Academic performance is measured by results on textbook and teacher generated tests, teacher and textbook generated quizzes, a portfolio of student work, documented observations by the faculty, homework, and classwork. Students also participate in statewide FCAT assessments. The methods Hoggetowne Instructors use to grade students include, but are not limited to: Pre and Post Testing, portfolio assessment (accumulated body of work to reflect progress), juried exhibition (have students perform [write, speak, demonstrate, display, etc.] with someone other than their teacher), curriculum based assessment, teacher developed assessment (rubric), and criterion referenced testing (once material is mastered).

Hoggetowne Middle School is a public Charter School, and as such adheres to the Sunshine State Standards, and uses state adopted textbooks. In addition, all our teachers are state certified.

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