About Our Arts

In addition to the core academic classes (math, language arts, science, and social studies), we offer unique elective options to our students. Depending on placement and availability, a student may take up to three elective periods per day.


Capoeira is a martial art and dance form from Brazil.  It incorporates fast-paced athletics with music, dance, and acrobatics.  Students at Hoggetowne Middle School may take Capoeira class daily as their primary physical education.

During a typical Capoeira class, students begin with aerobic exercies for warm up.  Then they learn movements specific to Capoeira including several kicks and defensive maneuvers.  Finally, at the end of class, they put everything together in a cooperative game called a Roda (pronounced ho-dah).

Rock Band

At Hoggetowne Middle School, students have the option to take Rock Band as their music elective.  Students learn to play modern instruments such as electric guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard.  The songs are chosen by the class and then performed for the school and at community events around Gainesville during the school year.

Students learn the fundamentals of music theory, how to play their instrument, music communication skills, and how to become confidant performers.


Dance may be taken as a physical education elective.  Students in dance class learn many different styles of dance such as contemporary, hip-hop, and samba.  Students perform their dance routines for the school and community during their Dance Showcase.


In theater class, students learn fundamentals of performance, exercices in impromptu acting, set building and design, lighting, public speaking, and history of theater. These skills combine to create strong confident performers. Students will perform for the school and the community multiple times throughout the school year.

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